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At White Income Tax Service Ltd., we give each account the attention it deserves. We carefully research and analyze your tax documents as well as recently altered tax laws to ensure you receive the highest refund amount possible. Year after year, our clients find satisfaction in our work. That is why we are the tax return service Peoria IL continues to come back to.

Helpful Tips from White Income Tax Service Ltd.

As the tax return service Peoria IL counts on to maximize their returns, we would like to provide some advice to aid in tax deferral this year.

For those looking to invest:

The interest gained from state and local bonds is usually exempt from federal income taxes and is generally paid back at a relatively low interest rate. Since Treasury Bonds are similarly exempt, they can be a particularly good investment for those who are in high tax brackets and live in high-income-tax states.

For those interested in a retirement plan:

Many employers will offer the opportunity to defer a portion of your wages directly to your retirement account. If your employer offers contribution matching, we recommend taking advantage of this by contributing at least the amount that your employer will match. This will provide you a 100% return on investment.

If you are self-employed, you may benefit from opening a Keogh, SIMPLE or a SEP IRA.

For business owners in search of additional methods:

It may be helpful to postpone sending certain invoices to ensure that you will receive payment next year, especially if some of that income will push you into a higher tax bracket. If not, you may want to accelerate paying for expenses to cover your taxes this year.

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