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Tax Preparation Services Morton IL Depends On

You shouldn’t have to waste any time searching for decent tax preparation services. Morton IL has multiple accounting companies to choose from, and all of them can get the job done. But when searching for an accounting company that goes beyond what is normally required, only White Income Tax stands above the rest.

At White Income Tax you receive personalized attention that best fits your financial situation. We assess your taxes, determine the best strategy for filing and work to get returns to you in a fast and efficient manner. For years, White Income Tax has been providing the best tax preparation services to Morton IL and the surrounding areas.

How to Tell a Bad Tax Preparer from a Good One

You can choose from many tax preparation services throughout Central Illinois, but you always want to be on the lookout for good quality vs. bad quality. If you stick with a bad tax preparer, you risk mistakes being made or money stolen from you.

The Bad

  • Won’t answer basic questions about your taxes or tax service in general.
  • Doesn’t ask for receipts or bills to properly file your taxes.
  • Promises you higher refunds than competitors.
  • Charges you a fee based on a percentage of your refund.
  • Tries to inflate or misrepresent numbers in your tax filing.
  • They don’t or won’t share their credentials.

The Good

  • Knowledgeable in the tax code and up-to-date on the latest tax laws.
  • Uses receipts, bills and other assets to determine your complete taxes.
  • Works to get you the best possible refund in the confines of the systems in place.
  • Charges a flat, fair fee for services and total hours worked.
  • Uses exact numbers in filing your returns.
  • Is a certified public accountant or has other such accounting certifications.
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Get More Service from White Income Tax

Not only does White Income Tax provide the proper tax preparation services Morton IL residents require, but can provide additional services as well. As one of the leading accounting companies in Central Illinois, we offer an array of financial duties that benefit individuals, families, businesses and more. What we offer includes:

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