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Are You Ready for Tax Season?

It’s time again to get your taxes filed. Whether you’ve had recent additions to your family or have had a successful first year running your business, you may need help with your tax preparation. Peoria IL and the surrounding area tax-payers know they can trust White Income Tax to provide accurate guidance for your tax situation.

The team at White Income Tax understands it isn’t always easy to prep your taxes without help. That’s why we employ tax experts to help you navigate through your allowances, deductions, exemptions and more. We know the tax code better than anyone else.

What Do You Need?

While White Income Tax can help prepare your tax filings, there are some things we need from you. To create an accurate account of your taxes this year, you must provide us with all important information related to your latest income and expenses. Additionally, there are a few decisions you must make.

What You Must Bring

To get you the most out of your tax return, there are a few items you should bring to White Income Tax so we can get you started:

  1. Identification – Driver’s License, Social Security Number, Other IDs.
  2. Proof of Income – Income Statement, Pay Stubs, Receipts.
  3. Proof of Expenses – Gas Mileage (When covered by employment), Medical Bills, Donations.
  4. Proof of Losses – Theft, Losses in Fire, Other Disaster Situations.
  5. Copy of Last Year’s Return

What You Must Decide

Keep in mind what exactly you want to get out of your tax filing before coming to White Income Tax. Depending on what you want to do, we can guide you through the proper steps:

  1. What to Do with Refund – Receive a check, transfer to account, put towards taxes next year.
  2. Who You Are Covering – Independent, Married, Dependents (Children).
  3. If Filing for Extension – Whether you need to file taxes now or later.
Tax Preparation Peoria IL, tax preparation, tax services, tax preparation services, taxes, tax season, accountant, tax accountant

What Can White Income Tax Do?

The tax preparation Peoria IL has come to depend on from White Income Tax is only one of our financial services. With our experienced accountants we can handle your economic needs with skill and care. Some of our other services include:

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When looking for a team of professionals to handle your taxes and other financial situations, you can trust White Income Tax Service Ltd. to assist. Contact us at 309-674-3429. Also, we are located at 431 N. Western Ave., Peoria, IL 61606.

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